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A full awning will normally more than double the living area of your caravan, giving you space to relax comfortably under cover – whatever the weather.

These large, tent-like structures come in a variety of fabrics, qualities and sizes. Some have extra sleeping cabins and others have removable panels so you can enjoy the sun when it shines. Others even boast curtains that wouldn’t look out of place in a show home.

Measuring up for a full awning

When you look for a full awning you’ll need to consider two measurements, the awning’s depth and your caravan’s ‘A’ measurement.

The depth of an awning is the distance from your caravan to the awning outer wall. Most awnings are between 2.1m and 3.5m deep. Clearly, the greater the depth the more floorspace inside – but also the larger the amount of fabric you’ll need to transport and erect on site.

Your caravan’s ‘A’ measurement is usually given in the owner’s handbook but, if not, you can measure it yourself. First, level your caravan. Then take a length of non-stretch string and run it through the awning track of your caravan – the rail that runs around the caravan on the door side and through which you will eventually thread your awning.

The string should project from each end of the rail – maintaining the exit angle of the rail – to meet the ground. If you have an older caravan, note that modern awnings are not designed to follow the underside contours of the rail.

Fasten one end of the string to the ground, then tension it to find out how much string is needed to reach the ground at the other end. Measure this length in centimetres to give your caravan’s ‘A’ measurement.

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