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Speedcoat Showertray Repair
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Do you find the old Alde Control Panel hard to use???

We can now offer a upgrade to the new very simple screen control panel!

From the first photo to the second photo

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Alde 3010 613 colour touch control panel
Get more out of your heating system with the new
touchscreen control panel
For anyone using an older control panel for the 3010 Compact heating system, there’s now the
possibility to upgrade to the latest touchscreen technology. Alde is launching the colour touch
control panel in a retail box. The colour touch control panel makes it easier to get more out of the
heating system in your motorhome or caravan. This model has a colour touchscreen, is more user
friendly than older models, and can access all the latest functions for the Alde 3010 Compact.

You will find me on the Alde Website as well – Alde Website


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Mark Caravan Medic
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